Urban DADA

Come eat and celebrate important moments in your family’s life in the Bucharest National Theatre, at Urban Dada. Enjoy the discreet atmosphere, good food and the bohemian aura of the most successful theater in Romania. Plus, you never know who you might recognize at the next table.

Urban Dada is a family restaurant and families of all kinds, children, pets and people with mobility difficulties are welcome here.

We have an international menu with juicy burgers, ribs that melt in your mouth, woks and stirfrys full of taste and color, but also breakfasts to give you energy, flatbreads for takeaway or lunch menus that will solve the pressing issue of “what do I eat today?”


From a quick bite to hosting your dream event, we're here for you

M - F

10:00 AM - 11:00 PM


12:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Take out for homefor your partyat the officein the parkat your parent's from Urban DADA

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Based on 131 reviews
Costi Stefanescu
Costi Stefanescu
Servirea rapida. Muschiul de vita făcut perfect, exact cum am cerut, risotto perfect fiert puțin aldente nu pilaf și cremos iar fructele de mare suficiente pentru o porție. Pavlova cu mascarpone excelenta idee și echilibru perfect între bezeaua dulce și crema de mascarpone. Cheesecake...cu mango și am spus tot.
Alexandra Gadrautanu
Alexandra Gadrautanu
Excellent food, great staff, super location!
Denica B
Denica B
Recomand cu caldura! Servitea excelenta, toti chelneri sunt zambitori, amabili si mereu aproape pentru orice nevoie! Mancarea este excelenta! Gustarile tip tapas si pasta sunt preparate pe moment, cu ingrediente proaspete si naturale. Cea mai buna limonada cu castraveti si busoioc, menta si toate cele.